Wisdom Teeth Removal

Having your wisdom teeth removed is one of the things many people are most scared about when going to the dentist. Great improvements in dental technology mean this process is so much simpler and less painful than it was in the past. We use 3-D imaging to get an accurate picture of your mouth and teeth, so we can best plan removal of your wisdom teeth.

You might wonder if you need to have wisdom teeth removed in the first place. The main reason wisdom teeth need to be removed is because there’s a lack of space for them to grow in, and letting them grow will cause major shifting and issues with your teeth and your bite. In order to protect the primary adult teeth, these wisdom teeth are removed to prevent any issues. If your wisdom teeth haven’t grown in, or if there is ample space for them to grow without impacting the  rest of your teeth, then they may not have to be removed.

Another danger of leaving wisdom teeth in is they can put pressure on the nearby teeth and the jaw, which can cause damage to those otherwise healthy parts of your body. This can create areas where you’re not able to brush or floss, and therefore harmful bacteria is given room to grow. We now know these harmful bacteria in your mouth can contribute to serious life-altering diseases if left untreated. Please click HERE for more information on how your dental health impacts your total health.

Smile Blue Ridge has a great duo of experienced, talented, knowledgeable dentists who know how to evaluate wisdom teeth and whether or not they should be removed. Even if the wisdom tooth isn’t causing pain it should be evaluated, as by the time pain is present there may already be severe and irreversible damage. In the case of wisdom teeth, active infection can spread to adjacent teeth and gum tissue. Waiting to extract your wisdom teeth can cause cavities in other teeth along with periodontal disease. Smile Blue Ridge recommends removal of wisdom teeth before they cause damage to the rest of your mouth.

The team at Smile Blue Ridge is experienced, talented, and knowledgeable about wisdom teeth extraction. We can evaluate wisdom teeth and determine if they need to be removed and offer a customized treatment plan to ensure the best results. We recommend being proactive about removal of wisdom teeth in order to prevent serious damage to your oral or total health.