Oral DNA Testing

At Smile Blue Ridge, we use Oral DNA testing to prevent more serious infections in your body.

Your mouth contains thousands of different types of bacteria, but only a small amount of those bacteria generally cause major infections. Our Oral DNA test kits have the ability to test for those types of bacteria. This information tells us whether you’re more susceptible to certain kinds of gum disease and tooth decay. If we find specific strains of bacteria present, we can present therapies to target and destroy those bacteria. 

The Oral DNA testing process is simple and can be done easily during your regular cleaning visit. We’ll give you a saline solution with which to rinse your mouth. We’ll then put your saliva into a test tube and send that out for testing. The results tell us about the bacteria present in your mouth and we can custom-tailor a treatment plan based on your specific needs! 

We can also use Oral DNA testing to see if there are bacteria present that cause chronic infections, gum disease, and even bad breath!