Dark Teeth

Almost everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening!

We have a few different options for almost any budget and time frame. Keep in mind, however, that some dark teeth are much more resistant to dental whitening procedures, especially tetracycline (antibiotic) stained teeth. In this case, we would recommend cosmetic procedures such as crowns or veneers.


Boost Whitening uses a high-concentration hydrogen peroxide gel that absorbs quickly and thoroughly into the teeth to whiten from the inside-out. It has proven to be the most effective in-office dental whitening procedure available today, far surpassing other methods in clinical studies. We most often recommend Boost to our patients.

We place protective barriers and coatings on your lips, gums, and cheeks so the peroxide only has contact with your teeth. Then, you will sit back and relax while our hygienist completes the application of peroxide gel. After two or three cycles with the gel, your teeth will get shades whiter – in as little as one hour! It can take an average of 3 in-office Boost procedures to get your teeth to the whitest shade your teeth can attain. 

Keep in mind, Boost is for people who want quick results for an event or photos. It does not work better than the trays or strips necessarily, it just works faster. Boost Whitening may exacerbate tooth sensitivity for a few days after treatment. We do offer medications to help reduce sensitivity, but for patients with extreme sensitivity, trays or strips may be a better option.

At Home Bleaching

At home bleaching trays are great for patients who want to whiten, but do not have time restrictions, such as an event or photos. We create your whitening trays by taking a quick impression of your teeth. Our team then makes custom trays from the impressions. This part of the process takes a while, so because we respect your time, we ask that you pick the trays up the following day, along with your whitening gel. You can then whiten your teeth at your own pace from the comfort of home!


In some cases, the discoloration of teeth is unable to be bleached out. This typically occurs when there is very dark coloration or deep color changes from childhood antibiotic use. In these cases, we would recommend porcelain veneers.

We work with master ceramicists to customize the shape, color, and overall appearance of each veneer to ensure you get the smile of your dreams!