At Smile Blue Ridge, we are determined to provide dentures that keep our patients smiling. We work hard to make sure patients are satisfied with the appearance, and that the denture looks so natural people won’t even realize it’s a denture.

Dentures don’t just replace teeth, they replace lost gum and bone, too. A well-made denture can replace the lost support, so there aren’t noticeable changes to the cheeks and lips. When you come in for a denture consultation, we’ll talk about all the options available and will find the treatment option that works best for you. Smile Blue Ridge offers the following types of dentures:

Traditional Dentures

These dentures are held in place by passive retention, meaning they sit directly on the gum tissue and rely on the tongue and lips to hold it in place. Patients often use adhesives to keep them in place during the day. These dentures are usually the least expensive option but can be uncomfortable and unstable if there isn’t enough support in the gums.

Implant Dentures

These are often referred to as “teeth in a day” or “all on 4.” Implant dentures replace all the missing teeth, but they’re more like a fixed bridge than a denture. It is fixed into the gums usually by 4-6 dental implants. This implant isn’t removable, so it provides a totally stable anchor for the denture to attach to. They don’t need to be removed, and fit and feel more like original teeth. This type of denture is the best looking, and is the most durable and stable.


This is a denture that’s held into place by dental implants. It’s also held in place by implants, so it is very stable. The denture basically snaps into the implants. Lower overdentures are usually attached to two implants, and an upper overdenture is usually held in place by 4 implants. We can often convert a patient’s existing denture into an overdenture. They are especially useful on your lower teeth, because those are the hardest to keep in place.