PRF for faster healing

Using PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) improves healing time with surgical procedures. PRF can be incorporated into just about every oral surgery procedure, it is quick and painless, and will help the surgical site heal faster and cause less pain in the long run. 

PRF stimulates the body to accelerate the normal healing process. This causes soft tissue (the gums) to close faster. PRF is made up of your own body’s proteins, to help grow new bone faster. 

We’ll draw a small amount of your own blood, just like giving a blood sample at your physician’s office. We put that blood into a centrifuge which concentrates the healing molecules into a clot in the test tube. This clot can be used by itself, mixed into bone grafts, or used as a covering to protect the surgical site. PRF comes directly from your body, so there are no side effects or allergic reactions, and it helps your body heal faster and better! It takes less than 5 minutes and improves post-surgical healing considerably.