Teeth Whitening

Whitening is one of the most common dental procedures and can provide quick and easy results that fit into most budgets. Almost everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening, too! 

Some teeth that are quite dark are resistant to whitening procedures, and there are some medications (like tetracycline) which can cause darkening that is difficult to counteract. If you think this is a concern for you, feel free to talk with us about your needs and we can give you our expert recommendations on which whitening process is best for you. We offer the following types of whitening at Smile Blue Ridge:

In-office Whitening 

This type of whitening uses a high-concentration hydrogen peroxide gel, which we apply on your teeth for about an hour. During this time you’re welcome to relax in our comfortable dental chairs, watch TV, listen to your favorite music, and let us do the work. It usually takes an average of 3 in-office visits to get your teeth the whitest shade possible. This option is preferred for people who want dramatic results as quickly as possible.

Take-home Trays

In this process, we’ll create custom take-home trays so you can perform tooth whitening from the comfort of your home. We’ll provide syringes filled with a lesser concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which you put into the trays and put into your mouth anwyere from 30 minutes to overnight. You’ll expect to get optimal results after wearing the trays for 2-3 weeks. This option is perfect for people who want a less costly whitening experience, and for people who want a quick whitening touch-up.